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"Our mission is to help Americans find a better way to prepare for retirement." Mike Fortune, President
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Since 1992, Fortune Benefits Inc. has specialized in providing Qualified Plan Administration services to Sole Proprietor's, S Corporations, C Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations (LLC's), and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP's).

Our Firm can help you in the design and implementation of all Qualified Plans such as 401(k), Defined Benefit, Profit Sharing, ESOP's, Cash Balance, Target Benefit and Money Purchase Plans.

With a keen interest in helping all Americans save for retirement, Fortune Benefits, Inc. is one of the pioneers in “Self-Directed 401(k) Plans”. Since establishing one of the first 401(k) self-directed accounts in 1992, we have continued to help hundreds of Companies establish the same for their employees. Regardless of your Company size, from 1 person to 500 employees, we are here to serve you.

Our Plan Design will help you determine the best Plan for you and your Company. From the simple Profit Sharing to the more complex “Cross-Tested” Plans of today to the “popular again”, Defined Benefit Plan as well as DB/401(k) “Layovers” we are ready to make your Plan work for you under all current Internal Revenue Service/Department of Labor guidelines.

We work with all Investment Houses, Banks, Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies to help you with the most important aspect of any Plan...making money.

Bringing you the expertise from the early days of ERISA in 1974 to the current events of today, Fortune Benefits, Inc. is ready to go to work for you.

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